Committee 2016/17


Liv Storey - President

Our president is the queen of the freestyle scene, rocking on and off the slopes. Liv was last years Freestyle Captain and this year is also undertaking the role of Competitions Coordinator for Palatinalps. Not even a ACL injury could stop our beloved president from coming to the BUDS ball. Liv’s passion for DUSSC and her incredible organisational skills are going to bring our club from strength to strength.

Matt Shairp - Vice-President

Sometimes referred to as Matt Sharpe or Henry Treble, Matt returns to Durham this year having spent his third year abroad in Hong Kong. Never one to miss out, he made the trek back from Asia to Val Thorens so that he wouldn't miss any Palatinalps fun. Outside of snowsports he enjoys croquet, wears sunglasses all year round and is a superb mountain biker... If you don't know who Matt is, you'll be able to spot his unwavering enthusiasm. 

Isabel Davies - Race Captain

Seemingly earmarked for the role of Race Captain very early on by former captain Jake Hardesty, Issy has consistently shown over her first year in the club why she'll be great in her role. Not only is Issy one of the best racers in the squad, part of our very competitive girls team, but she is always lively and enthusiastic at the side of the slope. Away from the slope Issy is one of the friendliest and most personable members of the club, engaging with everyone and making all feel welcome. All these qualities means we are confident she'll encourage new racers and elevate the already high standard of racing in the club.

Hannah Robertson - Freestyle Captain

Are you a talented freestyle skier looking to improve and have your ego inflated by our talented and complimentary captain? Or are you a terrible skier who dreams all night of 360s, corks and stomping grounds but can't even land a 2 foot jump? Then our talented and complimentary captain will help these dreams become reality/comfort you when you fall. Hannah is the loveliest on the exec and will lead many of our competitors to victory, help them to improve and host banter and bonding in the ski park. The freestyle community is in for a cracking year.

Alex Kirsch - Treasurer

Alex von Kirsch is an efficient treasurer with a love for skiing that is only rivalled by his love of absinthe gas chambers (labelled as the booze equivalent of a crack pipe). I don't actually know if he's a good treasurer and I've never seen him ski, but he sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He's a good bloke and a friendly face though, and will secure the club's finances for years to come.

Tom Hetherington - Secretary

One of the nicest and coolest guys on the mountain,  Tom has done seasons in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Put simply he's fun, chill and everyone loves him. Find Tom to discuss all your secretarial needs and he is sure to oblige. A fine male specimen; girls, you will most likely fancy him. Guys, you probably will too.

Isabelle Wilson - Social Secretary

As one half of this year's dynamic social secretaries, it's fortunate that Jizz is in her third year and therefore has successfully survived the rigorous programme of social events that dominate the DUSSC calendar. She and Hugo set the bar high with the mercifully injury-free Mario Kart social which saw the recruitment of twelve new Dussclings, eager not to miss out on Durham's original scooter riding bar crawl. On her agenda is throwing the biggest socials and attracting the biggest legends, in her own words: "I'm a survivor, I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to stop, I'm going to work harder".

Hugo Briggs - Social Secretary

Hugo is the unfailingly friendly face of the social side of DUSSC. With his inability to be unpleasant, and his apparent innocence, he can make just about anyone smile. Upon getting to know him better, Hugo will really start to prove himself as the loose cannon he is, embodying the spirit of almost every DUSSC social.

Joe 'Skittles' Kirk - Social Media

More commonly known as Skittles after a famous first year trip to Edinburgh, Joe is taking the reins of the club’s social media for the second year running. As Joe enters his fourth year no-one is better positioned to welcome new members into the club. His hidden talents include being able to speak absolute gibberish, the ability to turn rogue at any moment as well as being absolutely shameless at reposting things on Facebook. If he posts a new Facebook profile picture that fails to “tonne up” with likes, he'll be quick to rectify the situation.