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DUSSC is perhaps the club with the highest proportion of social members and this is without doubt down to the legendary socials that are regularly run by the elected pair of social secretaries. Our socials are the biggest DU sport socials with up to 70 people getting involved in the madness each time.


Ask any dusscling and they can confirm that some of their most memorable nights in Durham have been iconic DUSSC socials. Our socials are always themed and traditionally start with a curry and optional bottle of wine in Durham’s finest curry restaurant, Shaheen’s – AKA The spiritual home of DUSSC. We then embark on a short Bailey bar crawl with tasks designated by the social secretaries before all descending upon the dancefloor of a chosen club together.


Known for our inclusivity, your attendance at the best sport social in Durham requires zero skiing ability, just good craic and willingness to get stuck in/dressed up as whatever the social’s theme requires

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