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Collaborating with Dussc

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Gold Sponsors



FUEL10K is a company that produces morning FUEL for busy people... or food for busy people at any point in the day. If you are in the library and want a meal to keep you going or rushing to training the FUEL10K complete meal is what you want. To get a 10 meals at less than £1 each use our code DUSSC33 to get 33%.

Check out their other products here:

and follow their instagram here:



PTSki is a ski travel company that provides award winning service to those on our truly unique ski holidays in the Swiss resort of Klosters.

They cater for all ski abilities and ages, from young to old, from free riders to amateur racers. This company has a wealth of knowledge of skiing and Klosters so you really could not be in better hands.

Check out their website here:

And their instagram here:



MPI brokers


MPI Brokers are an insurance broker who have been an industry leader since their founding in 2002. They provide insurance and advice to businesses, clubs, charities and associations on a commercial basis and for customers arranging travel in UK and abroad.

MPI Brokers is a trusted choice by many businesses, avid skiers and travellers in the UK.

Use the link to get your insurance for the upcoming season!

Check out their website here:

And their instagram here:



Other Partners

GOLD sponsor

Cash Sponsor

  • This is the single biggest way to help our club and our competitors. As a Gold Sponsor, your company enjoys numerous benefits:

    • Main logo positioning on all DUSSC merchandise and promotional material.

    • Highlighted as DUSSC’s Gold Sponsor on our website and social media platforms, including dedicated advertisement areas and postings dedicated to your company with material of your choosing.

    • Regular contact with our President and Vice President regarding marketing and Durham University out-reach progress reports and data analysis.

  • In return for Gold Sponsorship, DUSSC look for a contribution of £600 towards the club.

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Bronze Sponsor

Cash Sponsor

  • An opportunity to support DUSSC and promote your company.

    • A standard position for your logo on all merchandise, banners, etc.

    • A space for your logo on the DUSSC website and mentioned in sponsorship announcements on social media.

  • In return for Bronze Sponsorship we look for a contribution of £100 towards DUSSC.

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Silver Sponsor

Cash Sponsor

  • An incredible company exposure opportunity with unrivalled access to our talent base.

    • A large position for your logo on all items of merchandise, banners, etc.

    • Highlighted as one of DUSSC’s Silver Sponsor on the DUSSC website and social media with a brief description of your company with your logo on the page and posts.

  • In return for Silver Sponsorship we look for a contribution of £250 towards DUSSC.

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Non-Cash sponsor

We offer a number of other forms of sponsorship opportunities. 

  • Sponsorship via Commission: Pre- agreed amount for each customer that comes to you via DUSSC. Like a cash sponsorship, this would allow us to increase the number of competitors and members as well as providing increased exposure for your company.

  • Members’ discount: Our presence on social media and connection to Palatinalps means that DUSSC has a huge reach to students. Thus, if you were able to provide a discount for our members, we would in turn be able to promote your brand and offers to over 2,000 students.

  • The provision of kit and ski products: We are constantly looking for ways to improve our kit and stash and so help with this is hugely appreciated.

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